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Twine Game Reflection

Making a new game was definitely a new process for everyone in our group. We were confused and had no idea at the very first. Approaching deadline, we started to dig deeper in the topic and focus more on the phase “social issue”. It was the breakthrough of our work and we started to brainstorm from there. Since we all watched different dramas from all over the world, we raised the idea that why not we adapted the idea from the Japanese TV drama “Unnatural” to design a game talking about school violence, knowing that school violence is becoming more and more common these years and the power of the internet cannot be ignored. With the consent of all group members, we started to write our original adapted plots. I mainly focused on writing the original adapted plots by rewatching the episode again so that the other team members could revise it into a game format. To make it more engaging, we made it different choices, so that players could be absorbed into the story in the game while playing it and reading some fun choices. The plots are revealed as a conversation format with some dark background musics. The final product took us a big amount of time and we gradually went very into this assignment; we divided each part of our introduction of presentation to our game properly before game. The product looks very good to all of us and we were satisfied about its reflection on the society.

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